About Us


Davey Lee's is a tribute towards Adaline and Ava's Great Grandfather, Davey Lee who passed away in November of 2019.

Davey Lee had an infectious sense of humor. The brightest smile. Strong working hands. One lazy eye. Stories for days. And life experiences that shaped him into the man he was. His admirable work ethic and drive to always keep moving forward is the very reason Davey Lee’s Boutique was created. In honor of an amazing man. A father. A Grandfather. A best friend. And his latest role, a GREAT Grandfather.

We have a lot of inspirations and motivators at DLB, but keeping Davey Lee’s spirit alive in all that we do is one of the biggest lights that we project everyday.

We promise to deliver amazing bows and clothing items that carry great quality and will bring your Davey Lee’s Cutie a little light to shine with every single day!

With a little more insight on why we created our business, we would love for you to follow along and subscribe!

When I'm not making bows, you can find us at the lake or in the mountains. Thank you so much for your support of my small business. Im so glad you are here! 
 Campbell Crew


In Loving Memory Davey Lee Mifflin 
August 1942 - November 2019